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Retail Theft

How to Effectively Protect Your New Retail Store from Theft

Ensuring you have the best security for your new retail store is a great way to ensure you prevent theft and damage to your property at all times of the day and night. 

Sadly there are many unscrupulous people out there, and as a new startup, the last thing you can afford is someone taking advantage of your new store and helping themselves to products without paying for them. 

How exactly can you minimize theft and damage to your new retail store easily? 


Choosing bollard installation outside your property can add an extra level of security and protection. Make sure to check for any legal stipulations regarding the placement of your bollard before they are installed. 

You can choose from a variety of different options including manual lifting bollards, automatic bollards, retractable and removable options to give you peace of mind for any reason, be it protecting your premises from illegal parking, your storefront from accidents and smashed windows, and unauthorized access for burglars. 

Electronic Tags

By placing electronic tags on your merchandise, you can be alerted to the potential theft of items, as it happens when you put things out on display. This type of security feature needs to be worked in conjunction with other options to maximize its ability to reduce theft and minimize loss fully. 

There is a range of different tags for different types of stock, and all need to be removed correctly by a staff member upon purchase.

Security cameras and mirrors. 

Security cameras placed around your store and close to high-value items can act as a deterrent. Typically they work best from high up, pointing at an angle to allow cashiers and floor staff to see what is happening from a distance. Unless you have someone constantly monitoring the camera, chances are this won’t be as effective as you would like it to be all the time. However, it will help in prosecution in the event of theft, and a security camera set up can help you reduce your insurance premium. You should also consider adding mirrors around your store that highlight otherwise hidden areas that could be attractive to those wishing to leave your new retail store without paying., 

Staff Training

Training your employees on the best practices to help reduce the likelihood of theft and identify the giveaway signs that someone could be stealing. 

Alert them to the legal course of action and put a protocol for how they deal with shoplifters

Security Staff

Depending on the type of store you are opening and the type of customer you are looking to attract, it could be a cost-effective option to hire security staff to watch your premises. Be it stand at the entrance and patrol the store or watch the monitor from a staff-only area to catch them in the act. 

When it comes to protecting your new retail store from theft, proactive loss prevention is your best line of defense against shoplifters allowing you to reduce your losses and increase your sales.



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