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Employee Gifts

Do’s And Don’ts Of Employee Gift Giving

There are all kinds of reasons why you might give an employee a gift.

You might give a gift to all of your employees when it is their birthday, for example. You might also do the same at Christmas time.

You might also give a gift to an employee who has hit their targets or who has exceeded in some other way at work. 

When you give an employee a gift, you:

However, care does need to be taken. On the surface, gift-giving is a good idea but there are some dos and don’ts that are worth adhering to. 

DO: Make it Personal

How well do you know your employees? If you don’t know them very well at all, you might give them a gift that is entirely inappropriate. You might also give them a gift that is generic, perhaps something that you have given all of your other employees. Such gifts will show you have given little thought to the person in question, so rather than feel valued, they might feel undervalued instead.

So, do what you can to personalize the gift. It might be something that you know they will truly appreciate. Your office coffee drinkers might appreciate the perfect coffee gift set here, for example. Your gift might also be tailored to the person in some way, perhaps a piece of clothing or a cake that has been personalized with their name or initials. Consider such options and then buy the person something that will make them feel special and understood. 

DON’T: Be A Cheap Gift Giver

You don’t want to blow your budget on the gifts you give your employees but on the other hand, you don’t want to be a cheapskate either. If the gift is obviously cheap, the employee won’t feel as appreciated.

So, consider your budget and apportion some of it to gift-giving throughout the year. Then consider our last point and put thought into what you are buying your employees. Give them something that they will value but that still falls within your price range. Or if money is tight, get together with other members of your team and ask them to chip in. This way, you will be able to buy a gift that is of higher monetary value.

DO: Think Outside The Box

A gift doesn’t have to be something you wrap up in a bow tie. You could buy them tickets to a sports game or a concert if you know what they are into. Or you could take them out for a meal. You might even gift them with a day off from work on their birthdays or give to a charity that they support. Gifts can come in many forms so consider what your employees would appreciate the most. Talk to their friends and family members too, as they might offer you some ideas if you’re lacking in inspiration.

Employee gift-giving is a great thing to incorporate into your business, but you do need to do it well. Consider our suggestions then, for the benefit of the people who are working for you. By doing so, you might also get a gift that means something to you the next time Christmas or your birthday comes around! It will make a nice change from yet another tie set, that’s for sure!


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