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Side Hustles

3 Fun Side Jobs That Can Turn Into Careers

In today’s world, there is job uncertainty, and there is job location uncertainty. The pandemic has thrown many people’s everyday lives as well as their careers into sharp focus. If you are one of the many, and you are seeking a change in your profession, consider embarking on a new path. Turn your side job into a career that changes into a reality. Read on to learn about some popular pursuits that can become fruitful.

Create a Vlog

You may have heard the word vlogging being tossed around but wonder what is vlogging? Vlogging is another form of blogging where the primary medium is video content. It is generally supported by a related text and still images in addition to other relevant content.  

When you create a vlog, you will be the star of the show, so to speak. You can use your vlog platform for a wide variety of purposes. If you are a health or exercise enthusiast you might offer videos of yourself guiding your viewers through a series of exercises, stretches, or tips and tricks related to your area of expertise. Vlog content runs the gamut from makeup tutorials to step-by-step building guides and everything in between. 

The content you offer viewers via your vlog is as important as your image. Vlogging is a form of putting your personality on stage. You can select a different persona when going live or choose to be yourself. Audiences enjoy getting to know the authentic you as it adds relevancy. They feel like they truly know you and become invested in what you have to offer.

Start a Blog

When discussing vlogging, the next natural step is to mention blogging. Blogging is the precursor to vlogging. It involves adding relevant content primarily in the written word to a site. Blogs need to be updated frequently to stay current.

Here is a video offering tips on how to create a successful blog.

Sell Your Creations

If you are a crafty person, consider turning it into a lucrative career. Start small by making a limited inventory of products and then showing them off on your social media accounts while simultaneously advertising them for free. Gauge interest and then begin branding. Use free accounts like Canva to create your logo. You can use it to design your website, as well. 

Create a business plan to stay on track and stay focused. Research the market at sites like Amazon Marketplace and Etsy for price comparisons. It is essential to know what your potential competitors are selling similar products for so that you do not over or undersell yourself. A competitive price point is an ideal place to begin. Be sure to calculate shipping costs and decide if you will include them in your sales price or charge extra based on shipping location. Once you have a few key necessities in place, begin creating to build your inventory. 

Whatever career pivot you decide to pursue, maintain a sense of joy and happiness throughout the process. The side job likely started as a hobby that you enjoyed and helped you de-stress. While running a business has its stressors, try to keep your initial excitement interwoven in your new endeavours. Have fun and give it a go!



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