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Great Content!

How to Create Eye-Catching Content

As a business one of the most important things you do is create content to share with your audience. But if you are a new business and just in the startup phase, you are probably wondering how you can create content that catches the eye of your audience. 

It won’t surprise you to know that there is more to writing valuable articles than you might think. As a start, the title needs to be catchy and quick to explain to the reader what they will get. You need to make sure that you’re writing for people, not just the search engines.

And yet the search engines are 100-per cent essential. So you are looking for a balance between writing compelling blog posts designed for the reader and making sure that your SEO is up to scratch.

What is great content?

Great content is something that gives the reader something of value to take away. Either you are sharing something interesting, something that can be shared or you are solving a problem for them. A great piece of content will cover every single one of those items.

Next is how you style your article; how are you going to deliver that content? What are the tone of voice and your brand style? All of these things need to be considered and provided.

That can be pretty easy for answering questions; you can include specific details, examples, comment images, and supporting links.

If you are already considering how you can outsource this, then you are in luck. Some of the best places that you can outsource these are companies that offer SEO Services. often they will have a content package to optimise your website – or give you the advice you need to create a framework. 


Every piece of content that you create should have plenty of support from visual content. The visual content you want to give is something that breaks up a long article of text. If you are writing a technical article, you could include images that can help a reader visualise the process. 

As another example, if you are describing furniture or interior design, you could use images from your projects or general inspiration.

Another place away or visuals matter is the font you use. You want to make sure that it is visually pleasing and easy to read. Some fonts are easier than others; you must research them to choose the right one. 

Social support 

For every piece of content you create, you should also spend some time designing some social and media shareable images and some videos. You want to support your content as fully as possible, and that includes across social media. 

Ensure that the pictures you use are in context with the content so the value is clear, and so is the topic.

Of course, you can create the most beautiful piece of content on the planet; if you’re not paying attention to your Google Analytics dashboard, which can tell you who you should be speaking to, then effectively, this will be a waste of your time. 

Always create content with your audience in mind, and provide them with something of value to take away and the next step. 

Analytics aren’t just for content, they make a huge impact across your entire business. Learn how to use them more effectively: Business Analytics: How Can Your Business Benefit From Analytics?



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