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Renting Land

5 Tips For Those Considering Renting Out Their Land For Events

When you have a piece of property or a large plot of land, renting it out for events is a terrific way to make a profit. However, there is more responsibility that comes with renting out your property than you would realize, so if you’re considering renting out your land, read this first!

You’ll need to put together a security team.

Even whether you’re holding a formal black-tie event or a music festival, you’ll need to consider hiring a security crew to keep your guests safe. Although it is unlikely that your visitors will steal anything, there is always the possibility that they could do damage to your land or other property. Not only that, but when alcohol is present on your premises, there is always the risk of things getting out of hand. Having a security team in place can help prevent this from happening, as well as assist in the resolution of any issues that may develop.

Look into land promotion

So you’ve got a piece of land, what now? People aren’t going to know about your property unless you spread the word, and that’s easier said than done! Sure, you might have a few takers if you list it on facebook, but you’ve got a much better chance of renting out your land or property if you use land promotion. These professionals have experience in the field (mind the pun) and can help you list your land how you want!

Make it obvious to visitors which areas are off limits.

Some portions of your property may be off-limits to visitors, or you may want customers to be able to shut them off for themselves. In any case, safety barriers help in crowd management and the establishment of where individuals on your property can and cannot go. It will be a pleasant extra if you can provide this to those who are renting your land or property!

Investigate insurance options.

When someone enters your property and land, they instantly become a source of concern. If someone is harmed or injured on your property, you may face prosecution. That’s why it’s crucial to make sure you’re covered if you have a large group of people on your property, so you’re not held accountable if something goes wrong.

Additionally, it may be prudent to install signage with safety rules to ensure that visitors remain as safe as possible. This contains notices prohibiting climbing or running in order to avoid accidents.

Protect yourself from damage

As previously said, if alcohol is gonna be drunk on your property, there is always the possibility that things will spiral out of hand. In the event that your land, property, or someone else’s is injured in any manner, you’ll want to have video proof in order to file a claim against the individual or persons responsible.

It’s also a good idea to put security codes on the doors of rooms you don’t want anyone to enter!

Remember that there is more to consider than you may imagine when renting your land, so follow our tips to do it correctly!


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