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Work-Life Balance

The Importance Of The Work-Life Balance As A Business Owner

Reports in the news tell us that people are becoming more and more stressed. They are developing depression and anxiety. They are feeling dissatisfied with their lives and where they are heading. You might be one of these people. Even if you’re not, you probably know someone who has experienced at least some of these issues. If so, the reason behind it all could well be that the work-life balance is skewed, and more time is being spent in work than on your life. When this happens, you will feel unhappy and could even develop mental health issues (and some physical ones too). When you are a business owner rather than an employee, these feelings of stress can be even greater. 

The work-life balance is hugely important, and here are some ways you can put it back on track. 

Make Sure You Get Me Time 

Whether it’s five minutes or an entire weekend away, having some ‘me time’ is hugely important to everyone. What you do with that time is entirely up to you, but it should be spent away from work doing something you enjoy (although you don’t necessarily have to be alone, some people prefer to spend a little time in their own company). 

If you have a hobby, this is time you can put aside to enjoy it. Or you can read a book, go for a walk, play games, take a nap or a long, bubbly bath, head to the gym, browse hot tubs for sale (and then buy one to relax in) or just sit and stare out of the window and meditate where possible. Everyone is different, so everyone’s idea of some perfect me-time will be different too. What’s important is that you do it when you’re starting to feel burned out. If you can prevent your body and mind from becoming exhausted, you will save yourself a lot of pain and problems in the future. 

 Learn To Say No

The word ‘no’ might be tiny, but it is also, it seems, one of the most difficult words to say. Human beings do, for the most part, like to please – it makes us feel good, and it stops any awkward situations from arising; no one wants a confrontation or to fall out with friends and family members. That’s why we say yes so often, even if it means doing something that makes life difficult or that we don’t have the time or skills to do.  

Learning to say no is a huge part of the work-life balance. If you are planning a day out with your family, say no to any extra work that comes in that might put paid to your plans. If you want an early night, say no if your work colleagues ask you out for drinks. Be sensible and think carefully when you are asked to do something; if you need to say no, no is what you must say. 

Create Boundaries 

Boundaries are essential when creating the best work-life balance. It is somewhat easier if you work in an office; once you leave it for the day, you have set a boundary that will be difficult to step over unless you head back to the office. 

However, many people work from home or have access to work emails and systems at home. This is where the boundaries become blurred. Set limits so that you stop work at a specific time and don’t look at emails until the following day, for example, and ensure that your cell phone is switched off or left in another room if possible so that you don’t answer any work calls when you are meant to be having family time. 


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