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Why Your Website Isn’t Picking Up Traction

You’re a business owner with a business website, and you’ve spent as much time as possible putting it together to make it user friendly and interesting to visit. So why is your customer base still so small? Your customer base should have exploded by now, right? Well it’s never as cut and dry as that, and even with as much effort as possible, your website could be relatively little known. 

So what do you need to do here? Work out what’s going on with your traction, and why people aren’t flocking to your homepage. And that’s what this post is here to help with; check out the most common reasons for low analytics below. 

Your Content Isn’t Relevant

Any content you publish needs to be relevant to your business, your products, and the niche you work in. Anything outside of this can be met with disinterest and even contempt, as your readers expect value from you. And when it comes to turning those visitors stats into something more impressive, you’ve got to look at your content strategy and schedule. 

So think about your brand – what do you do? And how can you turn that mission statement and/or your product lines into easily consumable online content? Make sure you’re regularly pushing out content like this and you’ll soon become a player in the reader market. Stay on their minds, rather than tapping in and out! 

You’re Not Employing SEO

SEO is key to placing your website right where your customer base can find it. it ensures you’re appealing to a relevant audience, and it’s also the best way to make a reputation for yourself in the online world. After all, the more you’re on the button with search term keywords, the higher your content is going to be listed on a results page. 

But it’s easy to forget about the power of SEO and/or pull it off in the wrong way. Which is why it might be useful to get in touch with an online marketing expert when you realise your SEO trail is blowing cold; for example, if you’re a financial entrepreneur you could check out a b2b fintech marketing agency. And even if you just need a bit of advice on how to pick out a niche, getting an ‘SEO audit’ completed could be just the right move. 

You’re Not Reaching Out on Social Media

Social media is one of the most important and effective digital marketing strategies known to man. As such, you should be on there more often than not! You should be regularly pushing out posts that your audience can actively respond to, such as polls and feedback surveys, as well as tag giveaways and competitions. Without reaching out in this manner, your audience will just find your profile a bit boring. They won’t pay attention, and they certainly won’t click through to your website! 

Online traction can be a tricky game. Give yourself a fighting chance with these tips. 



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