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Stefan Avramtchev 

Stefan Avramtchev of Just Promoted – a coaching programme for new managers – works to spare the struggle of new managers by supporting them in moving swiftly across to the premise of servant leadership. Stefan writes and coaches to motivate and encourage aspiring professionals to become the authentic leaders their teams deserve. 

Here, Stefan speaks to Start Your Business about his journey and how he is aspiring to help young, first time managers through his new coaching programme.  

Can you tell us about your career journey to date? 

My background is actually in software engineering. After years working in the technical arena as a software developer and then in management, I realised that my core values had changed. I was no longer passionate about the job I once loved and instead developing people and teams had become my focus. This naturally led me into a career of coaching.  

As a successful business leader, what traits would you say have been instrumental to your success? 

Firstly, for me it has to be integrity. As a true leader it’s important to admit when mistakes are made – after all that’s what makes us human. Sometimes we won’t have all of the answers and that’s ok. Pretending to know something you don’t and being somebody you’re not, will only get you so far.  

If you want to be a great leader, I also believe having a positive mental attitude is paramount. Being optimistic and coming up with bright new ideas is very difficult if you don’t think in a positive way. 

Are there any daily habits you’d recommend to be successful in your career? 

I believe that everyone should build positive habits into their day. By having a good routine in the morning and in the evening means that daily tasks are better organised and managed. The result is that your daily to-do list is completed in a stress-free and sustainable manner. To develop new habits, it’s important to start by making small steps each day. To stop bad existing habits, new associations in our brain that take precedence need to be built. 

 Are you working on anything right now? 

 At the moment, I am working on a coaching program for young, first-time managers. I believe they represent a huge opportunity for much-needed improvement all industries. Through my coaching program I aim to bridge the gap in the support offered to new managers where it’s most needed, such as team performance, employee engagement, integrity, bottom line, living the company values etc. The program, which is tailored to their individual journey, aims to grow and activate abilities in young new leaders to take action where it’s most needed.  

What do you believe is the main factor that distinguishes successful coaches from unsuccessful ones?  

Ok, firstly, coaching should always be about the client. In my opinion, to be a successful coach you need to obsess about your clients. You need to know exactly what they are all about, where you can reach them, what they are looking to achieve and how they liked to be approached. It’s important to find out where they are on a mental, psychological and spiritual level too, as you will be able to serve them on a much deeper level, helping them to get to where they want to be. Good coaches are ones that have surrendered their own ego and their sole purpose is to serve their client.  

When starting a business, it’s very easy to burn the candle at both ends. What advice would you give to another coach on how to take care of their physical and mental wellness? 

To maintain a good work-life balance, it’s vital to instil positive, healthy habits into your daily routine. Also, by receiving coaching too! For me, this comes back to integrity. If you as a coach are struggling with your own work-life balance, then how can you coach anybody on the matter? It all starts with you. 

What would you do to ensure the world has more authentic leaders?  

There is a lack of authentic leaders across the world which has had a negative impact in corporate, public and private life alike. I truly believe that new leaders in businesses need to be helped and supported to perform at their highest ability.  

Additionally, I think there should be more of an emphasis on leadership within schools. I believe that the qualities of an authentic leader are present in all children and therefore, anyone can be a leader if they want to be. As we grow up however and we face many experiences, leadership qualities can end up being suppressed out of survival instinct. These often then later need to be retrieved through coaching and therapy. In my opinion, this suppression can be avoided by teaching leadership to children and as a result, more authentic leaders will emerge.  


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