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Communicate Better

Communicate Better

How To Speak To Your Customers More Easily Businesses, no matter how large they get, are always responsible for communicating well with their customers and clients. But you must lead this process, and ensure that when customers reach out to…

Majority Of UK Employees Looking For A New Job

Majority of UK Employees Looking for a New Job

A recent National Employee research survey, commissioned by The Employee Awards, reveals that 52% of employees across both private and public sectors, will be searching for new employment in 2018. So what has brought about this level of disenchantment amongst…

Startup Funding Trends for 2019

Startups will do lots of small, frequent funding rounds Today it’s such a drama to do a funding round – the legals take forever and cost a fortune – and you have to repeat it every 12-18 months. But legaltech…

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