AI is Here: Prepare to succeed  

  A Practical Guide to an AI-Enabled World     When real-world Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications first hit the mainstream in 2014, many commentators voiced their

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Making a Lasting difference

Sustaining non-profit organisations and their impact by Graeme Reekie  It may be ostensibly written for a non-profit audience, but entrepreneurs everywhere could benefit from

The Resilience Club:

Daily success habits of long-term high performers  £14.99  Angela Armstrong     Recent statistics indicate that workplace stress has reached

Owls To Peacocks:

50 High Profile Club Entrepreneurs And Their Success Stories  £9.99  Rafael dos Santos  The media coverage of migrant entrepreneurs who


How to claim your future in the Age of the Millennial  £12.99  Sean Purcell  The millennial generation is so often

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