AI is Here: Prepare to succeed  

  A Practical Guide to an AI-Enabled World     When real-world Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications first hit the mainstream in 2014, many commentators voiced their

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Resilience Learned 

Menaca Pothalingam  Painful and traumatic experiences can have a major impact on personal development and identity. Menaca Pothalingam reveals all in her new memoir,

Closing The Gap:

5 steps to creating an Inclusive Culture  Teresa Boughey   £14.99  Inclusion and Diversity isn't a fad or the latest business initiative.

The Billion Dollar Secret:

20 Principles of Billionaire Wealth and Success Rafael Badziag  £19.99  There are thousands of books on millionaire thinking. The knowledge they

Burlesque or Bust:

Bringing my Mental Health to Heel (The Inspirational Series)  Sapphira  £11.99  Having grown up among strict religious evangelists in Australia,

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