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Where To Get Inspiration For New Retail Products

Where to get inspiration for new retail products

For most online retailers, the search for new product ideas is a continuous process. Having developed a keen eye for new opportunities, they are always on the lookout for any interesting products they might be able to sell online. Searching…

Ten Reasons Why Having A Global Cloud Footprint Matters

Ten Reasons Why Having a Global Cloud Footprint Matters

When most people think about the move to cloud, they think of reducing cost and shortening their time-to-market. More experienced buyers layer on other criteria like performance, security, compliance, workload segmentation, and how to integrate the cloud into their existing…

Marketing A ‘major Priority’ For Small Businesses This Year

Marketing a ‘major priority’ for small businesses this year

eBay research reveals 45% of SMBs are going to increase marketing spend over next 12 months 74% view social media as important to their businesses growth 61% rate marketing expertise as vital when hiring, highlighting skills shortage   Marketing leads…

How To Boost Engagement With Your Direct Mail

How To Boost Engagement With Your Direct Mail

By PrintUK Now that the whole world has gone digital, old-fashioned printed direct mail can become one of the most effective tools in your arsenal. In marketing, going against the grain can be the smartest move you can make as…

Stop Digital Marketing From Becoming SPAM

Stop digital marketing from becoming SPAM

Written by Isaac George, Senior Vice President & UK Regional Head Technology sometimes creates problems and the irony is that we take refuge again in technology to solve these problems. Today it is widely understood that we live in a…

Save Some Green By Going Green In Business

Save Some Green by Going Green in Business

Becoming an environmentally friendly business might initially seem like an expensive move, but truth be told, it’s actually a sound investment. There is a heightened sense of awareness from today's consumer, and people are more willing to part with their…

How To Get Better Engagement On LinkedIn Posts

How to get better engagement on LinkedIn posts

Having a LinkedIn group can be a powerful tool for identifying the challenges your consumers face and establish your company as a thought leader. However, many professional LinkedIn posts tend to receive very few comments, according to Professor Robert Rooderkerk…

How Technology Has Changed The Way We Borrow Money

How Technology Has Changed the Way We Borrow Money

When you think of borrowing money, what do you see in your mind? Do you picture an intimidating meeting at the bank, asking a suited and booted professional if you can have a loan? Or do you envisage a casual…

Leverage SMS To Make You A Smarter Marketer

Leverage SMS to make you a smarter marketer

By Gillian Hughes, VP of Corporate Sales, Veoo The exponential growth of mobile in recent years, and the way it is now intrinsically linked to everyday business and consumer life, has seen it take centre stage in many marketing strategies…

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