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The Benefits of Using a Recruitment Agency: Supporting Your Business in the Upturn 

It is a good idea to consider what your business needs to be prepared to support the economy’s upturn post-COVID-19. For example, you may need to consider recruiting new employees into your business to help manage your workload. However, recruiting new employees can be timely and a costly process. So it is good to consider RPO or recruitment process outsourcing, or just recruitment agencies in general. Utilizing skilled, trusted, and specialist recruitment agencies will be pivotal in supporting the economy’s upturn post-COVID-19. Before considering in-house recruitment, what are the benefits of using a recruitment agency?

What is RPO?

Recruitment Processing Outsourcing is when an organization delegates a part of the entire recruitment function to a third-party recruitment provider. The RPO vendor provides the necessary staff, technology, and processes needed to set up & fulfill the client’s recruitment needs. What are the benefits of using RPO and recruitment agencies?

Faster Hiring

Using a recruitment agency will shorten the time it takes to fill your open positions and makes hiring easier.  A recruitment agency can find candidates much faster than a business can due to its heavy workload. Recruitment agencies will also have a vast talent pool in their database, a network of connections to leverage, and access to expensive systems that can help them locate people with those hard-to-find skills you may need for your business. 

High-Quality Candidates

Using a recruitment agency means you use their experience, they know what type of candidates you may need. In addition, they have access to a large talent pool of pre-screened and referenced candidates, so you won’t have to go through looking at CVs and applications because they will have done that for you. 

They deal with candidates daily and are experts at interviewing. Through their methods, they can understand your business’s needs. 

Knowledge of the Market

Through conversations with both candidates and clients, the best recruiters gain knowledge about the sector they work in. They are often able to provide you with valuable insight and sage advice which is a crucial part of their job. 

Using a recruitment agency gives you access to their knowledge of salary rates, available skill sets, career expectations, current hiring complexities, and even market trends you may not have known about! So why not take advantage of that knowledge base! 

Extended Reach 

Not all the best candidates are actively looking for a job, they may be considering it, but they take a little longer to find. However, there is a strong possibility that these candidates are in their database! Recruitment consultancies will also know how to reach them and how to incentivize them to make a move to a bigger and brighter place which could potentially be your business!

These are just a few of the benefits you may see when working with a recruitment agency, so before assigning yourself to the task of managing your recruitment needs, it is a good idea to see what is out there in your market! 


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